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Collaborate all together for a better world!

Thanks to a collaboration or a vertical integration with more than 100 websites within the Magickey Teknik Group, several service companies are emerging to help at the level; promotional, printing, website creation, online advertising & marketing, video advertising creation, filming studio (Magog), online directory, referencing, infomercials on portals and much more….

Our History 

"Here is a brief overview of what our network with sound; Academy, its Affiliates and its collaborators offer as products and services:"


Historic background :

Aruna Chy and Arunda are experienced therapists, coaches, mentors and researchers. Overwhelmed with energy and passion for permanent relief in their clients thanks to Magickey Teknik® therapy, they stick to the cutting edge of concepts of alternative medicine, for better overall health of the being both physically and mentally. and emotional energetic.

Pioneers of autonomy, they have perfected over the years to help people regain their power over their health, making them fall.

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"Better to teach a person how to catch a fish than to sell them one every day"

The Academy:

With the World Magickey Teknik® Academy, a new wave of energy therapists plus throughout the year 2019 courses in the Magickey Teknik® technique will be given across the Province of Quebec for the general public from 5 to 120 years old. It is a simple technique with no side effects. All our courses will soon be available for training directly online, either in English and French, (Fall 2021)

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A presence in more than 90 events throughout the year, thanks to our 44 employees operating concessions for our parent company. The Magickey Teknik® Team then provides energy treatments for free, at their kiosk during all these services; exhibitions, workshops, courses, fairs and various events.

Acupressure Tools in distribution:

The Magickey Teknik® Team is continually discovering the interesting tools to stimulate yourself from head to toe. Always smiling and their hearts in hand, their future vision is to share this technique to larger numbers of people across the greater Canada and the United States through their websites.

Headquarters for distribution in the field of well-being:

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The Academy is also an experienced distributor for all tools and products used for its students, through the company Original Health Distribution LTD.

Original Health Distribution will also launch in 2021 its major news portal in the field of wellness, global health and nutrition.

Energy Care, Acupressure, in  Magog:

Our energy care center is located in Magog, in the Eastern Townships, receives clients every day. The Place is at the cutting edge of technology and also at the level of methods when it comes to alternative medicine. You can visit the treatments offered here: Sujok Academy

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The Magickey Teknik Energy Therapists Corporation, (M.T.E.T.C.):

For the year 2019, an association with the Corporation of Energy Therapists was born. Now in 2021, the new wave of therapists trained by the Magickey Teknik World Academy can practice while being recognized in the Alternative Medicine system. Members will have access to academic supervision and the ability to issue insurance receipts to their clients.



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June 25, 2021

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